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We think it’s awesome that Sea Jay Aluminium Boats are made right here in Bundaberg and that we can support another local family-owned business through our business.

However, there are lots more reasons why we choose to sell Sea Jay boats.

Being local is great, but not as important as making sure our customers are getting a boat that is built to the highest standards of workmanship and will perform well for many years to come. That is exactly what we get with Sea Jay.

Quality & Workmanship

Sea Jay’s manufacturing process has a built-in quality assurance system that ensures that no boat makes it past any stage without passing a series of stringent tests. It’s also part of their company culture that employees want to ensure that each boat that leaves the factory performs to the standard they would expect if they were buying it themselves.


Sea Jay manufactures a variety of hulls, each designed to perform its job to the highest standard whether it be making the most efficient use of your engine’s horsepower, providing stability at rest, or slicing through choppy water.

Since commencing in 1989, Sea Jay has developed a reputation for building great boats that perform brilliantly and that reputation extends well beyond Bundaberg.

That’s why Bundaberg Marineland is proud to be your local Sea Jay Aluminium Boats dealer.¬†


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